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Crossmedia Toronto 2013 in Review

Crossmedia Toronto 2013 was a huge success! Many thanks to all in attendance and everyone who helped make this event such a massive triumph. We had over 250 attendees representing over 75 companies from tech and social to TV and radio. The event was extremely popular on social media and we have some great data to prove it!

The event hashtag #CMTO13 was trending at #1 in Toronto for over 4 hours yesterday!


Here are some stats about the hashtag #CMTO13

Over 63 photos were uploaded to instagram with the hashtag #CMTO13

A shout out to our most engaged tweeps and the great content they tweeted throughout the day.


We had tweets coming in from all over the world including Australia and the UK. The females were slightly more engaging on Twitter ousting the males with 62% of all tweets.

We were lucky enough to get media coverage from The Grid, Embrace Disruption, and a great interview with Reddit’s Erik Martin and George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC. Here is a link to Erik Martin CBC Radio interview on The Current.

Keep an eye out for more Crossmedia events, including Crossmedia Banff 2013 and Jumpwire Media’s Thirsty Thursday.

We will have videos from the events coming soon to our YouTube channel.

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Join Canada’s Most Entrepreneurial Digital Company, Torstar Digital, at CMTO13

Crossmedia Toronto, taking place February 21st 2013 is delighted to welcome one of our Partners, Torstar Digital to this year’s line up.

Torstar Digital recognizes that every successful business starts with an entrepreneur and helps support entrepreneurs and their start-ups to scale their businesses.

As part of their continued mission Torstar Digital will be hosting a private luncheon for up to eight handpicked entrepreneurs at this year’s event to celebrate their accomplishments in entrepreneurship and share learnings on building new digital businesses.

The Torstar Digital family includes a number of successful ventures including  WagJag.com,Jaunt.caTravelalterts.ca, Olive MediaeyeReturn Marketing, and Workopolis.

Make sure you register today to be eligible to join the luncheon. Entrepreneurs are offered a substantial discount to the event. Email amy.davies@jumpwiremedia.com for details.

About Torstar
Torstar Digital was founded on the principle that leading in digital meant working with the forces of disruption and building new businesses and opportunities for growth. Torstar Digital has grown to own and operate many of Canada’s leading digital businesses in online advertising and commerce. For full details visit www.torstardigital.com @torstardigital

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CROSSMEDIA TO 2013 confirms Keynote speaker ROEL VERTEGAAL – inventor of the ‘paper tablet’

Toronto: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 — Jumpwire Media announced today that Canada’s top advanced interactive technologies designer and Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Queen’s University, Roel Vertegaal will deliver a keynote talk at this year’s CROSSMEDIA TO (CMTO13).  Also confirmed to speak at this year’s conference are Erik Martin, General Manager, reddit.com, Mark Ghuneim, CEO/Founder of Wiredset and Trendrr, Brian Eoff, Data Scientist, Bitly, Rhonda McEwen, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Jeffrey Remedios, President and Co-Founder, Arts & Crafts, Paul Kontonis, GM, Magnet Media Originals and Chairman of the Board of Directors, International Academy of Web Television, Ipsa Desai, Strategic Partnerships Google and political heavyweight Paul Sparkes now Executive Vice-Chairman and co-founder of Difference Capital.

The conference will be held on February 21, 2013 at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon inside the Toronto Reference Library at 789 Yonge Street.

In 2004, Roel introduced a prototype flexible paper computer. Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he launched the device known as the PaperTab tablet, created as a joint project with Queen’s University Human Media Lab, Intel Labs and the United Kingdom technology firm Plastic Logic. The 10.7-inch PaperTab is designed to feel like a sheet of paper, featuring an interactive, and flexible, high-resolution touchscreen display.

“CROSSMEDIA TO 2013 is delighted to have Roel speak to our delegates hot off the heels of the PaperTab tablet launch.  This year’s conference has attracted the most innovative individuals in the industry to share their collective knowledge as they themselves are testing the trends and developing the technology.  You can’t get more cutting edge than that,” says Gavin McGarry, President of Jumpwire Media.

CROSSMEDIA TO is an annual conference that brings the most innovative digital media and technology companies in motion, mobile, marketing, publishing and games to Toronto.

“We’re delighted to be showcasing a roster of companies like Reddit, Uber, Bitcoin and Youtube, who are disrupting traditional media. They’re companies who have figured out how to use technology to create better consumer experiences and to build audiences. With all of these innovators gathered in one place, the conference is going to be a whirl wind of information,” says Amy Davies, Executive Producer of CROSSMEDIA events for Jumpwire Media.

This year the conference will feature a new format of seven-minute ‘quick fire’ technology demos and case studies that will focus on how to build, monetize, and expand content offerings for the cross media world.

For a full speaker list: http://crossmediato.com

For more information check out: www.crossmediato.com

Follow us on Twitter: @crossmediato


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Featured Speaker
Asif Khan: The Future of Location-Based Services

With each new advancement made in geolocation services, the question on our lips is; do we inch closer towards an Orwellian state, where not even the great Canadian wilderness can save us from an overlay of advertising?

One of the questions we posed to Asif Khan, President of thelmba.com and up-coming speaker at Crossmediato.com Feb 21st, Toronto:

CMTO: Why Did You Feel the Need to Create the Location Based Marketing Association?

At the time we had this emerging market place (Foursquare, Gowalla, Google), but no one was giving location-based services the attention they needed and no research was in place to support advertisers placing any real dollars into the space. We launched to help drive more dollars into the location-based ecosystem and to educate people on what location-based services can offer across all forms of media.

“People need to view location-based as data that can
inform all forms of media: radio, TV, billboards”

The LBMA represents the intersection of people, places and media. We have over 600 members from brands, retailers and restaurants to AR companies, mobile payment companies and the rest of the media industry. Over 60% of our members are brands because we have a heavy focus on driving dollars into the ecosystem.

CMTO: What’s Your Advice To Businesses Who Want to Integrate Location-Based Marketing Techniques?

Brands need to make it simple. Think about how you can use location services to affect other media. Don’t go for a purely location or mobile base campaign. Brands should be looking at the overall media plan and integrating mobile location platforms to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign. Let me give you an example, a BMW billboard opposite Starbucks. If BMW taps into the conversation at Starbucks, then you’ve used location aware services to enhance a mass media solution. This makes the campaign measurable and more effective.

“Only 6-8% of total ad dollars are dedicated to mobile advertising,
the bulk is spent on traditional”

Let’s not forget that just 6-8% of budgets are going into mobile, so in order to drive real money into the ecosystem it needs to be attached to the 92% spent on traditional media.

CMTO: Do You See Mobile Spend Growing?

Mobile is growing and growing, but TV is not going anywhere. Yes there’s potentially more dollars going into mobile but the traditional spend is not in decline – TV, radio, billboard.  That means we have thousands of companies like Square all fighting for the same slice of the pie.

CMTO: Who Do You See Emerging From the Pack in 2013?

EBay, if you look carefully at all of their assets and the companies they’ve acquired they have all the pieces in place for optimizing the consumer shopping experience through a location-based content and deals.  Apple will of course be massive and you could argue that Facebook’s Nearby solution is a Foursquare killer.

CMTO: There Have Been Questions Raised About Privacy Issues Surrounding Geolocation Tracking, Does It Concern You?

It’s a valid discussion point. People should be certainly be thinking about what they are doing and sharing but it becomes an issue of exchange of value. Ask yourself, are you prepared to share my location as long as I am getting something of value? If you’re answer is yes then it’s no longer a privacy issue.  You just need to look at the data, it used to be 80% male and 20% female and people made the mistake of thinking it was a privacy issue. The fact is that the industry was not optimized to provide value to women.  Now it’s 50% male and 50% female – what’s changed? Now you have Foursquare working with Jimmy Choo. If women want shoes they’ll share their location.

CMTO: What’s the Future of Location-Based Marketing?

A world where every person place and thing is geotech and geo addressable. Tagged by the devices that we carry in our pockets. Everything from billboards to transit shelters, people can expect that all of these things will have some form of geolocation. Then we can create geo relationships between people, places and things, all in real time.

CMTO: Tell Me One Thing The Industry Doesn’t Know About Asif Khan

I love fishing! I can catch a fish and I can clean it. When I’m totally stressed out then I’ll take solace in the middle of a lake, just fishing.

CMTO: But How will you Feel When An Advert Pops Up As You’re Cleaning that Fish?

I’d be completely happy with an AR screen above my head to watch!

Well we’re not sure we believe that, but we’re definitely in agreement that Asif Khan is one entrepreneur who won’t be stopping anytime soon. 

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CMTO Weekly Insights, Jan 11, 2013

Yota Phone and BookBookGoose:

Tired of the same old smartphones? Big screen, camera, HD display… Yawn, right? Yota Phone may be the most innovative smartphone we have seen to date. Why did it take so long for a phone manufacturer to capitalize on the real estate on the back of the phone? “One side is a high resolution LCD Android phone. The other side is an electronic paper display (EPD), which is your personal space for information, images and interaction you always use and always need”. See for yourself at yotaphone.com

Do you miss wandering into a bookstore and finding things that would delight you? bookbookgoose lets you wander randomly though Amazon’s catalog”. I think we all have a memory of an enjoyable visit to the bookstore. However as patrons of the digital age we very rarely, if ever, get this experience anymore. Bookbookgoose helps us relive this experience by randomizing the Amazon experience. See what you’ll be reading next at bookbookgoose.com
- The Jumpwire Media
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CMTO Weekly Insights, Jan 4, 2013

Facebook Integrates Voice into Messages
Facebook continues to improve its messenger mobile app by adding the ability to send voice messages. While the voice messaging feature provides a new way of interacting with friends, Facebook has also said it will begin the beta testing of a new VoIP calling feature within the app, allowing users to establish a peer-to-peer connection and make calls without leaving the app or bruising their minute allowance. Facebook will be testing this service in Canada first and we think the fact that Google voice is not available in the great white north was a big factor. http://bit.ly/VAkMEW

Disney’s Distribution Shift
Disney will be releasing it’s worldwide hit, Wreck- It Ralph, digitally to the masses before being available on DVD & Blu-Ray.The digital HD push, a trend that is becoming more and more popular by studios, is a way to avoid the loss of profits from illegal downloads. This change in distribution strategy is an interesting shift as Disney had just recently shut down it’s online streaming site in November. We hope this is the start of a great ‘Aha!’ moment in the movie industry as the old style of style of DVD & Blu-ray sales quickly become a thing of the past. We still wonder if this will help squash the ‘pirates’…

Vlog Brothers
The vlogbrothers have been on the bleeding edge of YouTube since they started their channel in 2007, with a project called ‘Brotherhood 2.0’, in which they pledged to only communicate to each other through video for a year. Since then they have uploaded over 1,000 videos, grossed near a million fans, grossed hundreds of millions of YouTube views, spawned a global community, launchedother successful Google-Partnered channels, launched the YouTube charity event ‘Project forAwesome’ and created the world’s first annual YouTube conference; VidCon. Subscribe to to the channel here.

- The Jumpwire Media Team

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For the first time in CMTO history, there will be one wild-card winner selected to take the stage and present, alongside 25 of the most innovative companies in media.

Are you or your company about to disrupt the status quo? Do you have a technology solution the industry must know about? Can you present better than Mad Men’s Don Draper?

So you think you’ve got what it takes?

To enter the Wild Card Challenge, tweet us at @crossmediato with the hashtag #WILDCARD and tell us in less than 140 characters why you should be chosen to take the spotlight.


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Register with the Early Bird Discount of $199 Before Dec 31st.

Enjoy our Early Bird discount by reserving your spot at next year’s CMTO13. Offer ends December 31st 2012.

Next year’s event takes place Thursday February 21st 2013 and includes rapid fire demonstrations, case studies, interactive exhibits and facilitated networking.

Interested in digital media, technology, disruption and innovation?

Register for CMTO13

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Crossmedia TO is back after the sell out success of our last 2 events in Toronto and NYC.

You’re tired of panels and so are we. This year’s conference introduces a new format featuring ‘quick fire’ demos designed to inform and educate in 7 minutes or less.

Participate in networking, data moshing, 3D printing and interactive exhibits showcasing some of the latest and greatest technologies. Sessions will Include:

  • A New Revenue Stream – YouTube
  • Real-Time Data for Content
  • How To – 3D Modeling
  • Using Big Data to Grow Your Audience
  • Launching a Television Series on BitTorrent
  • Transmedia and Alternate Reality Games
  • Chart Topping the iOS and Android Platforms
  • Building Audiences for Your Web Series
  • Where VCs Are Putting Their Money
  • The Value of Social TV
  • Effective Use of Location Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing and ROI
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Building Effective E-Commerce
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Industry leaders Google, Uber, Bit.ly, Chartbeat, Trendrr, Phantom Compass, Get Set Games, YouTube star Corey Vidal, and Vodo are confirmed for February 21, 2013 event

Toronto, ON December 6, 2012 — Jumpwire Media released today their confirmed list of digital media industry executives that will headline CROSSMEDIA TORONTO, CrossmediaTO conference event taking place on Thursday, February 21, 2013, at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library from 9AM-7PM.

Gavin McGarry, President of Jumpwire Media said: “We are excited to bring together 26 speakers from the media, entertainment, mobile, advertising and distribution industry to examine and explore the current state of the media business. Their valuable experiences will provide attendees with real tangibles on how to create and distribute their digital media ideas and products across the various industry sectors.” Speaker List

CROSSMEDIA TORONTO introduces a new format to their packed line-up which will feature ‘quick fire’ – 7 minute demos from media and digital innovators who are focused on building technologies and experiences that connect and engage with the audiences of the future across the digital ecosystem.

“Our goal is to host a unique event which is an interactive experience from start to finish. CROSSMEDIA TORONTO exists to ensure that anyone working in digital media can walk away with a solid understanding of audiences and data, web video, brand engagement and digital distribution,” said Amy Davies, Executive Producer of CROSSMEDIA events for Jumpwire. CROSSMEDIA TORONTO’s Advisory Board includes a roster of top industry executives across Mobile, Digital Marketing, Media, Gaming, Publishing, and Web Video.

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Save the date for Crossmedia TO: Digital MashUp– a showcase of 26 of the most innovative companies and creators in motion, mobile, marketing, publishing and games.

This year’s conference introduces a new format featuring  ’quick fire’ seven minute demos from leading creators focused on building the technologies and experiences that will connect and engage with the audiences of the future across the digital ’ecosystem’.

We’ve found global speakers who are experts in their sector and you, our audience,  will get to grill them to your advantage.

Crossmedia TO will feature:

  • Demos
  • Case studies
  • Emerging business models
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Crossmedia Toronto Presents Thirsty Thursdays

Come Join Us at Crossmedia Toronto’s Thirsty Thursdays!

We’ll be hosting our first bi-monthly meetup on November 15, 2012 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the  Jumpwire Media Offices, 170 University Avenue, 2nd Floor.

Each meetup will focus on one of the 5 key cross media sectors (motion, mobile, marketing, publishing, gaming). Attendees will get to:

  • Listen to local speakers who are experts in their sector
  • Find out why their business model works and what makes them stand out from the crowd
  • Enjoy yourself and unwind with beer, wine and pizza – it’s Thirsty Thursday!

Network with potential business partners in:

  • Motion (web video, TV, animation, film, DVD)
  • Mobile (ipad, smart phones)
  • Marketing (advertising, social media, SEM)
  • Publishing (apps, podcast, magazine, book, newspaper, email, music)
  • Gaming (casual gaming, console, ARG)

Tickets are $10, spaces are limited to 50. Register at http://crossmediameetto.eventbrite.ca/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Wed, Sept 21st Event – Gaming

This Months Media Sector Focus:
Games – All media sectors are talking about ‘gamification’ and casual gaming is exploding bringing in new audiences. Is the future of media gaming?

The Spoke Club
600 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M3

Registration and networking
Introduction – Host – Gavin McGarry, President, Jumpwire Media
DEMO: Engine 001
Description: 001 Game Creator is a software platform that allows anyone to create video games without any coding. You could make the the next Angry Birds using this platform. Created by Mike Weir the platform was originally developed as a custom engine for personal gaming project. It has evolved to a game creator platform, exploding with an online presence of over 200+ downloads a day and thousands of users world wide.
Speaker: Tony Tie, Marketing & Business Development,  Engine 001
INTERVIEW with GetSetGames
Description: Everyone wants to know what is it like to create a successful casual game but we really want to know what it’s like to work with Apple.  Rob Segal from Get Set Games discusses how they created Mega Jump that has over 15 million players and is considered one of the best casual endless games in the App Store.
He will discuss:
- Numbers behind their games – number of downloads, daily plays, daily active users, etc.
- Marketing/promotion/ advertising of games:  how to get noticed in the crowded iPhone/Android market
-Analytics, tracking user actions understanding how they are playing your game
-Working with Apple as a partner
Speakers: Rob Segal, Director/Co-Founder, Get Set Games
EXCLUSIVE – Public Demo:
Description: CEO and Co-Founder of Creative D, Richard Kanee, will be providing a sneak preview of Drop Deck, a new platform that blends content distribution with social games through digital trading cards.  He will provide the first public demo of the platform as well as an overview of how media companies can use Drop Deck to drive digital revenue and broader marketing objectives.
Speaker: Richard Kanee, CEO and Co-Founder, Creative D
Wrap Up
9:00pm until late





Rob Segal – @robertfsegal
Get Set Games

Rob has been developing software for almost 10 years working in the interactive/gaming application space with Cryptologic and the now defunct 3DNA eventually connecting with several friends to form Get Set Games in July 2009. In 2005, Rob co-founded and helps organize the annual Toronto Independent Game Development Jam (TO Jam -http://www.tojam.ca) and has been a key organizer in the event every year since.





Tony Tie – @tonytie
Marketing & Business Development
Engine 001

Before joining 001, Tony has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for several years. From large TV ad campaigns to SMB marketing pushes, Tony has worked with a wide range of clients to help grow their business. Tony recently joined 001 when developing his own game. He had met the team and instantly fell in love with the platform. He had joined 001 to lead all business development and marketing initiatives. With his love of technology, gaming, and marketing, Tony’s enthusiasm has made him the face of 001 to the business community.





Richard Kanee – @RichardKanee
CEO & Founder
Creative D

Richard Kanee is CEO and founder of Creative D, a Toronto-based entertainment software company whose products blend content, social media and games. His a 15-year veteran of digital media, including more than 10 years in strategy, product and business development roles at Canadian broadcasters CHUM and CTV.

Richard counts many Canadian and North American innovations in his accomplishments, including: first interactive television applications in Canada, the first broadcaster mobile video offering, the first cross-carrier ringtone store in North America, the first premium SMS program in North America, and the first licensed interactive music video channel in North America. He has also worked with brands and agencies to develop integrated marketing campaigns, microsites and advergames, including winning the Promax Gold award for an integrated mobile campaign executed with MuchMusic and McDonalds.

He also has significant experience in multi-platform content distribution, including structuring licensing deals with all four major labels as well as studios including Disney, Warner and Universal. He has also struck distribution agreements with Apple and with Canadian mobile operators Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility.

Richard hold a film degree from York University and was a resident at the Canadian Film Centre’s New Media program. He is a frequent speaker and instructor on the integration of digital and traditional media and emerging business models.


Gavin McGarry -@gavinmcgarry
Event Host
Jumpwire Media

Before founding Jumpwire Media in 2009 Gavin worked for online video start up Joost and was the Head of Cross Platform Business Development at global television production company Endemol.

Gavin has been working in media space for over 20 years. His past experience includes positions at major television networks as well as owning and operating a television production company and a boutique advertising agency. His company created some of the first crossmedia TV content and worked with major networks including NBC, Discovery, CTV, and Global Television. The full service ad agency serviced two national clients and explored integrating brands into television and online properties. In 2004 he moved from his native Canada to the UK to better understand the rapidly emerging mobile phone space. Through his position at Endemol he worked closely with the UK’s largest mobile operator O2 and helped develop leading edge content for multiple platform release. In 2007 he moved into the web video arena based out of the Joost’s New York office. He has spent time in Japan, Africa, Europe and China exploring and understanding the global digital media content market place. He is invited to speak at media industry conferences on a regular basis including: MIPCOM, International Institute of Communications, Harvard Business Club of New York, Ryerson University, NAPTE, Xmedia Lab, etc.

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