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CMTO Weekly Insights, Jan 11, 2013

Yota Phone and BookBookGoose:

Tired of the same old smartphones? Big screen, camera, HD display… Yawn, right? Yota Phone may be the most innovative smartphone we have seen to date. Why did it take so long for a phone manufacturer to capitalize on the real estate on the back of the phone? “One side is a high resolution LCD Android phone. The other side is an electronic paper display (EPD), which is your personal space for information, images and interaction you always use and always need”. See for yourself at

Do you miss wandering into a bookstore and finding things that would delight you? bookbookgoose lets you wander randomly though Amazon’s catalog”. I think we all have a memory of an enjoyable visit to the bookstore. However as patrons of the digital age we very rarely, if ever, get this experience anymore. Bookbookgoose helps us relive this experience by randomizing the Amazon experience. See what you’ll be reading next at
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