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CMTO Weekly Insights, Jan 4, 2013

Facebook Integrates Voice into Messages
Facebook continues to improve its messenger mobile app by adding the ability to send voice messages. While the voice messaging feature provides a new way of interacting with friends, Facebook has also said it will begin the beta testing of a new VoIP calling feature within the app, allowing users to establish a peer-to-peer connection and make calls without leaving the app or bruising their minute allowance. Facebook will be testing this service in Canada first and we think the fact that Google voice is not available in the great white north was a big factor.

Disney’s Distribution Shift
Disney will be releasing it’s worldwide hit, Wreck- It Ralph, digitally to the masses before being available on DVD & Blu-Ray.The digital HD push, a trend that is becoming more and more popular by studios, is a way to avoid the loss of profits from illegal downloads. This change in distribution strategy is an interesting shift as Disney had just recently shut down it’s online streaming site in November. We hope this is the start of a great ‘Aha!’ moment in the movie industry as the old style of style of DVD & Blu-ray sales quickly become a thing of the past. We still wonder if this will help squash the ‘pirates’…

Vlog Brothers
The vlogbrothers have been on the bleeding edge of YouTube since they started their channel in 2007, with a project called ‘Brotherhood 2.0’, in which they pledged to only communicate to each other through video for a year. Since then they have uploaded over 1,000 videos, grossed near a million fans, grossed hundreds of millions of YouTube views, spawned a global community, launchedother successful Google-Partnered channels, launched the YouTube charity event ‘Project forAwesome’ and created the world’s first annual YouTube conference; VidCon. Subscribe to to the channel here.

- The Jumpwire Media Team

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